ARCH 390

The Arch 390 summer practice aims at introducing students of architecture to the milieu in an architectural office, observing and participating in project development, relations of projects and implementation and various office procedures.

Students acquire the basic hands-on experience on how an office works from the initial sketches to the working drawings of a building. Division of labor in the development of projects, interaction with other engineering disciplines, different model making and drawing tools / methods and content of information in these documents, procedures related to the legal aspects are amongst the issues to be covered during the Arch 390 summer practice.

Course Conduct: 
Students take arch 390 after completing arch 190 and arch 290 courses, at the end of the 6th semester. The student can realize the required coursework in more than one office.
Arch 390 summer practice is made in registered architectural offices in Turkey or abroad. Students can also work in legal authorities related to design and construction (municipalities, ministries etc.)
To enable diversity of experiences, a portion of the study (not more than 16 work days) can be realized in archeological sites, restoration, city planning, interior design or industrial design offices, and workshops organized in related topics as well.


Students contact with a professional office (and/or a related organization) and acquire an acceptance during their 6th semester (not later than the 1st week of may), and submit this acceptance to the student’s office for the department’s consent.

Prepare the materials documenting their study including:

a- Assessment report of the office (form1)
b- Daily log 
c- Portfolio

Students are to prepare a report at the end of the summer practice documenting the work they (personally) have accomplished during their work.

Duration of the summer practice (arch 390) is 48 work days. (minimum)

Materials to be submitted: 
The materials listed above (a, b and c) are to be submitted at the end of the summer practice documenting the work they (personally) have accomplished during their work. These drawings and reports will be submitted during the add-drop registration week of the Fall semester following the summer practice.

Summer practices are graded by a committee on the basis of “successful” (S) and “unsuccessful” (U)

Click Here For Application Form (pdf-Turkish) 
Click Here For Application Form (pdf-English) 
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GSS Beyan ve Taahhütname Formu (Saglik Hizmeti Almayan)
GSS Beyan ve Taahhütname Formu (Saglik Hizmeti Alan)