Prof. Dr. Ayşen Savaş

B.Arch., M.Arch., METU; Ph.D., M.I.T.
room: 57 phone: (210) 2240 

Fields of interest: architecture and representation; exhibition and display design; museology; vision and visuality


As of June 2012



1988-1994         PhD                    M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA           

1986-1987          Grad. Certificate   Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L. University, London, England

1984-1986          March                   M.E.T.U. Ankara, Turkey

1980-1984          BArch                   M.E.T.U. Ankara, Turkey (Second Best Degree)    


Teaching Experiences

2011-                Prof.Dr.               M.E.T.U. Faculty of Architecture

2003-2011          Assoc.Prof.Dr.       M.E.T.U. Faculty of Architecture

1996-2002          Assist.Prof.Dr.       M.E.T.U. Faculty of Architecture

1995-1996          Inst.Dr.                M.E.T.U. Faculty of Architecture            

1988-1990          R.A.                    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture

1987-1988          R.A.                    U.C.L. University London, Bartlett School of Architecture              

1985-1987          R.A.                    M.E.T.U. Faculty of Architecture


Administrative Duties 

2000-2008          Advisor to the President, METU Rectorate                                     

2000-2008          Social Facilities Mng. Committee Member, METU Rectorate

2005-2008          Honorary Prize Committee Member, METU Rectorate                                  

2000-2002          Faculty Board Committee Member, METU Faculty of Architecture

1996-2010          Graduate Programs Coordinator, METU Department of Architecture    

1995-1999           Editorial Board Member, METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture

1990                 Advisory Board Member,  MIT Office of the Provost             

1992                 Advisory Committee Member, MIT Dean Office, School of Architecture and Planning    


Administrative Duties and Memberships in Professional Institutions 

2011-                ICOM Member

2011-                Museology Professionals Institute, Turkey Founding Member

2003-                OMIM METU Faculty of Architecture Alumni Association Founding Member

2000-               The Building Information Centre Virtual Architectural Museum, Istanbul

1999-                The History Foundation of Turkey

1997-1998          SAN-ART Foundation

1997-                The Association of Architects 1927

1996-1997          Sevki Vanlı Foundation Executive Board

1996-                METU Alumni Association

1995-2000          Turkish Chamber of Architects Ankara- Architecture Museum Founding Member

1994-                MIT Alumni Association

1991-1996         The International Party for the Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites, and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement (DO.CO.MO.MO.)

1990-1994          Society of Architectural Historians

1987-1994          RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), Student Membership

1984-                Turkish Chamber of Architects


Jury Memberships

2011                 “Troy Museum” Architectural Competition

2010                 “Museum of Civilizations in Turkey” Architectural Competition

2006                 “Sculpture Competition” organized for the 50th Anniversary of METU–Ankara

2002                 “Antalya Film Museum” Architectural Competition

2003-2008    “METU Northern Cyprus Campus” Management Building, Library, and Informatics Centre   Architectural Competitions

2000-2008          “METU Techno Park Research Buildings” Architectural Competitions


Awards and Prizes

2011     The SILVER MEDAL for the “Exhibition Theme Development”, EXPO Shanghai Turkish Pavilion

2011     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2009     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2008     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2003     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2001     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2000     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

1999     METU Incentive Premium for Performance

2004     Dartmouth College Conference Grand, New Hampshire.

1994     Schlossman Research Fellowship MIT Boston

1992     AAUW (American Association of Univ. Women Education Foundation) Academic International Award

1993     CASVA Candidate (Centre for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts)

1993     Sir John Soane Museum International Research Fellowship

1993     CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) International Research Fellowship

1991     The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Research Fellowship

1990     The THIRD PRIZE in the New York Chapter / American Institute of Architects “Choragic Monument to Twentieth Century” Architecture Competition

1989     MIT Grunsfeld Housing Research Award

1988     The Council of Higher Education Fellowship

1987     The British Council Education Fellowship

1985     EASA (European Architectural Students Assembly) METU Fellowship

1984     EASA (European Architectural Students Assembly) METU Fellowship

1984     Chamber of Architects Award

1984     METU Department of Architecture Second Best Degree Graduation Prize



Refereed - International Journals

-Güven A. Sargın, Ayşen Savaş. “University is a Society; An Environmental History of the METU Campus”, JoA-Journal of Architecture, Vo.17, No.2, Routledge / Taylor and Francis, pp. (forthcoming)

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-Ayşen Savaş. “Architectural Artefact Redefined. The Significance of Architectural Drawing as Part of the Cultural Heritage,” Thresholds, vol.1, March 1992.    


Journals with Editorial Board

-Ayşen Savaş. “We have Learned Architecture from/at Behruz Çinici’s Faculty of Architecture Building” (Biz Mimarlığı Behruz Çinici’nin Mimarlık Fakültesi’nde(n) Öğrendik) Mimar.İst, Vol: 42, Winter 2011, pp. 40-43.

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-Ayşen Savaş. “Architectural Design of Musuem as a Space of Representation” (Bir Temsil Mekanı Olarak Müze’nin Mimari Tasarımı), Tasarım, vol.16, no.151, May 2005, pp. 68-71.

-Ayşen Savaş. “Consistent, Perfect, Abstract: Nur Sağlam House” (Tutarlı Kusursuz Soyut: Nur Sağlam Evi; Umitköy, Ankara, 1994-1999) Arredamento Mimarlık, June 2003, pp. 60-62.

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-Ayşen Savaş. “Turkish Architecture Museum: The Space for Sharing the Architectural Culture” (Mimarlık Kültürünü Paylaşmanın Mekanı: Türkiye Mimarlık Müzesi) Mimar.İst, Vol: 4, Winter 2002, pp. 47-52.

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Chapter in a Book

-Ayşen Savaş. “Total Escape From Reality,” EXPO Shanghai 2010 – Better City Better Life, Exhibition Catalogue, Sencar Özsoy-Ayşen Savaş (eds), Ankara: ARK, 2010 pp. 13-20. (Also published in Chinese in Shanghai, in 2010)

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-Ayşen Savaş. “The 20th Century Architecture of the USA” (ABD’nin 20.yy Mimarlığı),  Eczacıbaşı Foundation Plastic Arts Dictionary, 1997, Istanbul.


Edited Books

-EXPO Shanghai 2010 – Better City Better Life, Exhibition Catalogue, Sencar Özsoy-Ayşen Savaş (eds), -

Ankara: ARK, 2010 pp. 8-11. (Also published in Chinese in Shanghai, in 2010)

- ODTÜ Projeler 1 Yarışma Projeleri 2007-2008. Exhibition Catalogue, Ayşen Savaş (ed), May 2008, pp.12-21.

-Memories. An Oral History. (Anılar. Bir Sözlü Tarih Çalışması. 1956’dan 2006’ya ODTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi-nin 50 Yılı), edited by Sevgi Aktüre, Sevin Osmay, Ayşen Savaş, Ankara: METU Press, 2007.

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Selected Publications on Applied Works

-Enginöz, Yasemin K. “Thoughts on the ‘Made in China’ Expo” (‘Çin Malı’ Expo’nun Düşündürdükleri)  Yapı, vol.353, April 2011, pp.70-77.

-“The Tradition of Architectural Competitions as an Academic Approach of a University” (Üniversite Yaklaşımının Bir Getirisi Olarak Mimari Yarışma Geleneği), Book Review (METU Competition Projects 1 2007-2008), Betonart no. 21 2009, pg. 74.

-Tanyeli, Uğur. “METU Science and Technology Museum” (ODTÜ Bilim ve Teknoloji Müzesi), Arredamento Mimarlık, no. 11, 2008, pp. 44-45.

-The Narration of 100 Years. (Yüzyılın Hikayesi) eds. G. A. Sargın, A. Savaş, C. Dündar (Limited Edition) Istanbul Koç Vakfı, 2006.

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-“Sakıp Sabancı Museum Special Issue”, P, vol. 25, June 2002.


Conferences and Symposiums Organized

2010                 “House Museums – Historic Houses Symposium I - Ankara, Istanbul, Milan”, Symposium and Exhibition, 10-11 June.  (Symposium organized and the exhibition prepared with the assistance of the research assistant Aslıhan Günhan). 

2010      Scientific Committee Member, International CTPA Conference

2006      Scientific Committee Member CIB Postgraduate Conference

2000                 “Urban Development and Conservation of the Past.” Heracles Programme Symposium (Member of the organization committee).

2000     “Art and Science International Symposium”, Ankara Turkey. (Member of the organization committee).

1999                 “The 3rd International History Symposium”, Istanbul Turkey, 9-11 December (Member of the organization committee).

1999                 “From a Historical House to A Public Institution-International Workshop”, Sabancı University, Istanbul Turkey. (Member of the organization committee)

1997                 SANART, “International Art and Environment Symposium”, Ankara Turkey  (Member of the organization committee and assistant curator).  

1994     “Rethinking the Project of Modernity in Turkey”, MIT, Boston, USA (assistant organization committee member).

1992                 “XXVII. International Congress in the History of Art”, Berlin Germany, (organization committee member).

1989      “Initiative 2050 Working Conference”, MIT, Boston USA, (organization committee member).   

1989                 “Silver Spaces” Design Charette organized jointly by MIT, Boston Parks and Recreational Department, USA, (organization committee member).


Conferences and Seminars

-“Display Case: The Architectural Transformation of Museum Space,” American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Lecture May 2011.

-“Is it Possible to Convert the Ulucanlar Prison into a Museum?” The Chamber of Architects, Ankara May 2011.

-“EXPO The Art of Architecture”, Architectural Institute 1927, Ankara November 2010.   

- “From A House to A Museum: Pragmatic and Conceptual Shifts in Architectural Space,” House Museums –Historical Houses Symposium – Ankara Istanbul – Milan, 10-11 June 2010, Ankara Istanbul.

-“The New Approaches in Culture and Truism”, 2009-2010 Symposium organized by the Ministry of Culture in Turkey, Ankara Turkey. 

-“100 Jahre. Deutscher Werkbund 1907-2007”. Göethe Institut Ankara, October 2009.

-Museum Planning and Project Development” Seminar organized by the Government Directory of Foundations in Turkey, Antalya, Turkey. 

-“Museum and the Architectural Agents of Spatial Flexibility,” The Chamber of Architects in Izmir Turkey, December 2008.

-“Museum Space and Visuality”, City Museum History Talks, 28 June 2008, Antalya City Museum a pdf Publication.

-“Exhibition Design”, Ministry of Culture and Truism Staff Training Seminar, Ankara, 19 June 2008.

-“The Past and Future of Museology in Turkey” Vehbi Koç and Ankara Research Centre, May 21-22, 2007 Ankara, Turkey.

-“Labelling in Museums” Turkish Ministry of Culture Cultural Heritage and Monuments and Museums General Management Training Seminars. 13-18 March 2007, Antalya Turkey.

-“Ankara City Museum”, 23 May 2007 Symposium organized by the Ministry of Culture in Turkey, The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara Turkey. 

-“New Approaches in Museum Architecture,” 4 June 2007, Rezan Has Museum, Istanbul Turkey.

-“Design of the Exhibition Space,” The Chamber of Architects in Ankara Turkey, October 2007.

-“The New Museums in Istanbul and the Changing Principles of Museology,” YEM The Building Information Centre, 16 March 2006, Istanbul.

-“General Evaluation”, City Museums International Symposium, 21-22 April 2006 Antalya.

-“On the Sustainability of the Museum Space,” 23 May 2006, National Library, Ankara Turkey.

-“New Approaches in Museum Architecture,” 22 December 2006, International Symposium organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture in Turkey, Koç University and Turkish Cultural Foundation, Istanbul.

- “Objects of Desire,” Osmanlı Bank Museum, 26 January 2005, Istanbul Turkey.

-“Museum Architecture” Istanbul Museum Museology Seminars, 11 June 2004. Bilgi Üniversity Istanbul, Turkey

-“Local History, Local Museums,” VEKAM, 25 May 2005, Vehbi Koç Foundation, Ankara Turkey.

-“The Palace of Architecture: The Objectification of the Non-tangible Historical Heritage in a Museum,” Gazi University, TC Ministry of Truism and Culture, UNESCO National Com. 4-6 March 2004, Ankara Turkey.

-“The Architectural Design of a Museum as a Space of Representation,” The History Foundation of Turkey Museology Symposium, 21 June 2004, Darphane – Istanbul Turkey.

-“Turkish Women,” A Brief Look at the History of the Women’s Movement in Turkey”. Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, 1 December 2004.

- “Linea Mentis: Definition of the Term “Façade” in Architecture” Terminology Problems in Art History Symposium. Ankara: The British Culture Institute, November 2001.

- “Noah’s Ark: Mobile, Accessible, Flexible and Independent Environments”, Designing for the 21st Century II –An International Conference on Universal Design14-18 July 2000, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

-“The Necessity of the Archive”, Institut Français d’architecture, 17th July 1995, Paris, France.

- “Screenplay: an inquiry into the double-sidedness of façade,” winner of the Schlossman Award at MIT, Cambridge MA, USA, 1993.

-“Mnemosyne Architectural Collections: Coincidental Collectors, Public Institutions. MIT Boston USA, April 1992.


Ph.D. Thesis Supervised

-Mutlu. G. Doubling: Italy, The New Domestic Landscape As A Historical Project. METU, February 2009.

-Beşlioğlu, B. The “Programmatic Experimentation” in the Work of Gordon Matta-Clark, METU, July 2008.


M.Arch Thesis Supervised

-Günhan, A. From Houses to House Museums: Architectural Representation of Different Narrations METU, September 2011.

-Türkay, S. The Orthographic Set: Making Architecture Visible, METU, September 2011.

-Özden , B. Transformation of Architectural Space with the Aid of Artistic Production, METU, July 2011.

-Kocaoğlu, N. A Semperian Approach to Artificial Light As A Building Material, METU, February 2011.

-Koca, A. Authentication of Space: The Photography as a Raw Material for Architectural Production. METU, September 2009.

-Coşkun, E. Documentation of Architecture: Photography as an Objective Tool? METU, September 2009.

-Erkaya, G. From Scriptual to Spatial: “Labelling” as a Metaphor to Understand Museum Space, METU, January 2008.

-Yıldız, A. E. Mobile Structures of Santiago Calatrava: Other Ways of Producing Architecture, METU, January 2007.

-Özkal, G. Exhibition Space as the Site of Isolation, Unification, and Transformation, METU, September, 2006.

-Kavas, K. R. Architectural Form Generation: In Suprematist Painterly Space: The Significance of El Lissitzky’s Prouns, , METU, January 2005.

-Alkan, A. S. Framing the Invisible: “Section” as a Spatial Frame for a Reconsideration of Architectural Representation, METU, September 2004.

-Ürger, A.M. Apartment Block as the Object of the Generic City: Ankara, METU, September 2004.

-Gürbüzbalaban, M. Autonomy: Re-appreciation of Architecture, METU, September 2004.

-Altürk, E. XXL, Metropolis as the Object of Architecture, METU, March 2004.

-Temizer, S. Reading Architectural Space: Through a Staged Event, METU, September 2003.

-Gökbulut, A. Monorail: An Alternative Transportation Mode For METU, METU, September 2003.

-Turgutoğlu, B. “Expanding Architecture: A Proposal for a Multi-Functional Hall at METU, METU, July 2003.

-Kınayoğlu, G. Re-interpreting Depth: Architectural Representation and Virtual Reality METU, July 2002.

-Öz, H. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) Partnership: Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) Use in the Professional Practice METU, April 2002.

-Savaşır, G. Re-Framing Architecture: METU Faculty of Architecture and Its Photographic Reproductions, METU, September 2001.

-Kaynar, İ. Glass Myth Reconstructed: An Inquiry into Re-appreciation of Glass in Contemporary Architecture, METU, May 2001

-Mutlu, G. Biblioteque Nationale de France, Paris: The Interpretation of Architectural Space as Void, METU, April 2001.

-Karabağ, K. Absolute Space: MUD, A Reconceptualization of Architectural Space, METU, January 2001.

-Kılıç, A. Ove Arup Partnership: An Inquiry into Architect-Engineer Collaboration, METU, January 2001.

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-Çırakoğlu, A. Projections to Scale: A study on Conventions and New Technologies in Architectural Representation and Design Process, METU, September 1999.

-Hatipoğlu, P. A New Extension to Ercümend Kalmık Museum: An Interpretation of Modern Movement in Turkish Architecture, METU (published and won the METU Graduate Research Award in 1998).

-Civelek, Y. Symbolism within Formalism: In Contemporary Turkish Architectural Discourse, METU, September 1998.


M.Arch Thesis Co-Advisor

-Turan, O. Architecture as an Apparatus of “Immortalization and Glorification”: A Critical Analysis of Wittgensteinian [True] Architecture, METU, September 2007.




Courses Developed

Arch.513            Architectural Research, Graduate Must Method Course 1994-2011

Arch.524           Architecture and Different Modes of Representation: Orthographic Set, Perspective, Axonometry,    Model, and Photography, Graduate Elective Course 1994-2011

Arch.477            Architectural Modelling, Undergraduate Elective Course 2008-2010

Arch.505            Advanced Architectural Design Studio, Graduate Elective Course 2004-5



Arch.501            Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies, Advanced Design Studio

Arch.101-102      Architectural Design I, Undergraduate Must Course 2008-2009 

Arch.325            Architecture In-Situ, Undergraduate Elective Course 2000-2001

Arch.401-402      Architectural Design IV, Undergraduate Must Course 1994-2011


Museum Architecture, Gazi University Social Sciences Institute Graduate Seminars 2006-2008  

Recent Developments in Museum Architecture, Koç University MA Program in Archaeology and History of Arts, Graduate Seminars 2006-2011      

TC Ministry of Truism and Culture Annual Museum Architecture Seminars, 2000-2008

The General Directorate of Foundations Annual Museum Planning Seminars, 2006-2008


TUDELFT Seminar Series: The Hidden Space: Depth in Architectural Representation, May 2009

TUDELFT Seminar Series: Architecture as a Display Case, May 2009.





                        French (reading skills)


Applied Works, Research and Consultancy

2011-                Machine and Chemistry Industry Inst.                                 Consultant-Architect-Curator

                        (with Güven Sargın, Namık Erkal)

2011-                Yüksel Erimtan Museum                                                  Consultant-Architect-Curator

                        (with Can Aker, Dr.Onur Yüncü)

2010-                Kızılay Museum                                                              Consultant-Architect-Curator

                        (with Dr.Onur Yüncü, Seray Türkay RA, Başak Özden)

2009-2010          Shanghai EXPO 2010 Turkey Pavilion                               Consultant-Curator         

                        winner of the silver medal in theme development (with Ambs.S. Özsoy)

2010                 “House Museums-Historic Houses Symposium                    Organizer-Curator

                        and Exhibition Ank.-Ist- Milan” (with A. Günhan (RA)                                       

2009-2010          “Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture –Museum Dept.   Consultant                    

2009                 Turkish and Islamic Art Museum                                         Consultant        

2008                 Ankara City Museum                                                       Consultant

2008                 TOFAŞ Car Museum-40th Year Exhibition                          Curator 

                        (with B. Yağlı(RA) and G. Erkaya(Grad.Student)          

2000-2007          METU Science and Technology Museum                            Architect-Curator

                        (with B. Yağlı(RA)

2007                 Heydar Aliev Foundation Per. Exhibition                            Consultant                    

2006-2007          Vehbi Koç-The Story of a Century                                      Architect-Curator                         (with Assoc.Prof.Dr. G. Sargın, C.Dündar and B. Yağlı(RA)

2006                 J.W. Goethe University-Arab-Islamic Science Institute           Consultant                    

2006                 Istanbul Museum of Modern Art                                         Consultant                    

2006-2010          Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Cooperation Museum        Consultant-Curator

2005-2006          Sultanahmet Museum District                                            Consultant                                             (with Assist.Prof.Dr. Namık Erkal)

2006-2008          METU Art Festival                                                         Consultant-Architect       

2006-                The Building Information Centre Architecture Museum          Consultant

2005-2010          İnönü House Museum                                                      Architect-Consultant-Curator

                        (with Assist.Prof.Dr. Namık Erkal)

2005-2008          Antalya City Museum                                                      Consultant                    

1999-2005          Sakıp Sabancı Museum                                                    Architect

                        (with Assist.Prof.Dr. Namık Erkal, A. Çıkrak oğlu, B. Yağlı)

2004-2005          Rezan Has Museum                                                         Consultant-Curator         

2004-2005          Istanbul Museum City Project                                           Consultant                    

2004-2005          The Presidential Atatürk House Museum                             Consultant-Curator         

2002-2003          The Turkish Academy of Sciences Museology                                             

                        Evaluation Report of Turkey                                              Consultant

2000-2008          METU Culture and Convention Centre                               Consultant to the President

2000                 Bodrum Archaeological Museum                                        Consultant                    

1999-2001          Chamber of Architects Arch. Museum                                 Consultant                    

1998-1999          Shell Ltd. London, Mobile Exhibition                                Architect-Curator

                                    (with Assist.Prof.Dr. Namık Erkal, N. Bursa)           

1998                 Levis Ltd. Mobile Exhibition                                            Architect-Curator

                        (with Assist.Prof.Dr. Namık Erkal, N. Bursa)           

1999                 Ankara War of Independence Museum                                 Consultant                    

1996 “              Reflections on Colour” Güven Incirlioğlu

                        Photography Exhibition SANART – Art and Taboos            Curator                         

1995                 SANART International Art Exhibition                                Assistant Curator

                        (Chief Curator Prof.Dr. J. Erzen)           

1992-1993          Royal Institute of British Architects                                    Researcher         

1993                 Sir John Soane Museum                                                   Researcher                     

1993                 Institut Francais d’Architecture                                          Researcher                     

1992                 Deutsches Architekturmuseum                                           Researcher                     

1992                 Canadian Centre for Architecture                                         Researcher                     

1988                 Eymir Open-Air Folklore Museum                                     Research Assistant

                        (Project Head Prof.Dr. H. Pamir)          

1984                 Topkapı Museum                                                            Architect- Draftsperson     

1983                 Ephesus Museum                                                            Draftsperson