Zuhal Acar

B.Arch., Gazi Üniversitesi.
room: 414 phone: (210) 7287 

Fields of interest: architectural exhibitions, exhibition design, architectural installations

Betül Aktaş

B.Arch., METU.

room: 315 phone: (210) 6233 

Fields of interest: sustainability indicators for buildings,  performance analysis, off-site construction, prefabricated housing, industrialized building systems

Ömer Faruk Alp

B.S.Arch, Karadeniz Technical University; MArch., University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Room: 423 phone: (210) 6217 

Fields of interest: Medicine&Architecture, evidence-based design, design research and practice

Saliha Aslan

B. Arch., M.Arch., Gazi University
room: 91 phone: (210) 2222 

Fields of interest: Urban and Architectural History, Urban and Architectural Design, Late Ottoman Civic Architecture, Suburban Architecture in the Early Modern Period, Architecture of Urban Frontiers and Urban Sprawl

Aylin Atacan

B.Arch., Anadolu University; M.Sc., Gazi University.
Room: 405 phone: (210) 6204 

Fields of interest: architectural analysis through films, history of modern architecture, architectural theory, education methods in architectural history, cinema and architecture

Nihan Büşra Aydın

B. Arch. Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi
room: 312 phone: (210) 6212 

Fields of interest: architectural design, housing and culture, spatial perception, history of modern architecture, Turkish architecture in the republican period

Elif Bekar

B. Arch., Gazi University

room:414 phone:(210)7287 

Fields of interest: Design in historical context, Design methods, Architecture and representation 

Elif Bilge

room:405 phone: (210)6204  


Mehmet Melih Cin

room: - phone: (210) - 


Meltem Çetiner

B. Arch. Gazi University
room: 423  phone: (210) 6217

Fields of interest: cultural heritage conservation, archaeological sites, interpretation and presentation of archaeological sites, universal design, accessibility, human rights of people with disabilities

Simay Cansu Ekici

B.Arch., METU
room: 315 phone: (210) 6233 

Fields of interest: architectural conservation, industrial heritage, conservation of modern architecture, social sustainability 

Meltem Erdil

B.Arch., ITU.
room: 407 phone: (210) 6209 

Fields of interest:  Building  acoustics, traditional timber  frame structures, traditional construction materials

Serdar Erişen

B.Arch., M.Arch., METU
room: 403 phone: (210) 6230 

Fields of interest: architectural design and theory, economics and political economy, urban architecture, human sciences and architecture

Seren Ertan

B.Arch., Gazi University
room: 414 phone: (210) 7287 
Fields of interest: Sustainability, Green architecture, Biomimesis In Architecture, Innovation spaces, Creative spaces

Gizem Güner

B.Sc., Bilkent University, M.A., METU

room: 405 phone: (210) 6204 
Field of interest: urban design, gender studies, architectural historiography, narrated spaces, architecture and literature

Bilge Alp Güney

room: Lab. phone: (210) 2229 

Nadide Gür (on leave)

B.Arch., Gazi University
room:414 phone:(210) 7287 

Field of interest:  architectural design, computational design, spatial perception,generative design , neuro-architecture

İrem Hafız

room:405 phone: (210) 6204 

Gülnur Güler Kavas

B. Arch., METU.
room:423  phone: (210) 6217 

Fields of interest: urban design, housing and social communication

Sinan Cem Kızıl

B.Arch., M.Arch., METU

room: 414 phone: (210) 7287  

Fields of interest: architectural design and theory, urban form, social and political theory, philosophy

Egemen Berker Kızılcan 

B.Arch., M.Arch., METU.
room: 403 phone: (210) 6230 

Fields of interest: architectural design, computational design, visual information processing, Deleuzean machines, ideogram, diagram, code, web design, graphic design

Nilüfer Kızılkaya

B.Arch., METU.
room: 313 phone:(210) 6212 

Fields of interest: development of building materials and structures, fire safety design, fire-resistant materials 

Müge Kruşa Yemişcioğlu

B.Arch, M.Sc. Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies in Architecture, METU – Tu Delft.
room: 4B, Digital Design Studio phone: (210) 4209 

Personal Web Page
Fields of interest: biomimetics, nature-driven architecture, computational design, generative design, digital fabrication technologies

Gökhan Okumuş

B.Arch., Uludağ University; M.Sc. METU.
room: 315 phone: (210) 6233 

Fields of interest: Conservation and Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, Sustainability of Multi-Layered Cultural Landscapes, Urban Complexity, Gölyazı (Apolyont) Bursa, Conservation of Modern Heritage

Öncü Özalp

room:313 phone: (210) 6212 

Elif Öztek

B. Arch., Gazi University.
room: 414 phone:(210) 7287 

Merve Öztürk

B.Arch., Eskişehir Osmangazi University

room:315 phone:(210)6233  

Field of interest: conservation of industrial heritage, conservation of modern heritage

Neris Parlak

B.Arch., METU; MA, Architectural Association.
room: 414 phone: (210) 7287 

Fields of interest: social housing policies, housing as a strategic tool for urban design

Sezin Sarıca

B.Arch., METU
room: 414 phone:(210) 7287 

Fields of interest: Display environments, architectural representation methods, large-scale exhibitions, architectural exhibitions

Duygu Hazal Simser

B. Arch., İstanbul Technical University.
room:313 phone:(210) 6212 

Fields of interest:  Space, Culture and Architecture, Architectural Design Theories, Spaces of Post-Civil Society 

Gökçe Nihan Taşkın

B.Arch., METU.
room: 313 phone: (210) 6212 

Fields of interest: Structural design, tall buildings

Ensar Temizel
[Research Assistant Representative]

B.Arch., METU.
room: 414 phone: (210) 7287 

Fields of interest: architectural and urban design, theory of urban design, urban form

Fatih Topak

B.Arch., M.Sc., METU.
room: 423 phone: (210) 6217 

Personal Web Page

Fields of interest: building information modeling systems, intelligent buildings and building automation, information management in architecture, project management

Gonca Zeynep Tunçbilek

B. Arch., Gazi University, M. Arch., METU.
room: 414 phone: (210) 7287  

Fields of interest: Temporary architecture, Pavilion design, Architecture and Representation, Exhibition design, Museology, Museum Architecture.

Mercan Yavuzatmaca

B.Arch., Dicle University; M.Sc., METU.
room: 315 phone: (210) 62 33 

Fields of interest: Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Late Antique and Byzantine Architecture in Anatolia, Construction Techniques of Fortifications. 

Ozan Yetkin

B.Arch., METU.

Fields of interest: Computational Design, Automation Algorithms, Machine Learning, Geometry Optimization, Design and Objective Space Exploration.

Ece Yoltay

B. Arch. Gazi University, M.Arch. METU 
room: 403 phone: (210) 6230  

Fields of interest: production of space, counter-space, queer space, performativity of public space, psychogeographic mapping, body, identity, power.